eXpression™ – identifying and using creativity in adverts

Ideally every advertising campaign works on various levels: rationally and emotionally. In many market research approaches, subconscious messages and contents are frequently given insufficient attention and are not integrated into marketing decisions. Adelphi Germany delves deeper and uncovers the subconscious contents and emotional messages expressed in advertising material for a brand.

eXpression™ uses creative exploration techniques that can analyse not only its rational content performance, but also a campaign's degree of emotional strength. Only on the basis of results that meaningfully link both the rational and emotional levels can adverts and materials be designed and formulated so that all product benefits are given the attention they deserve.

  • This flexible approach provides you with a complete analysis and in-depth understanding of your concept and its implementation.
  • Our clients, the brand team and the creative agency, work hand in hand on further development of the materials.
  • Iterative adaptation of the concept during fieldwork leads to optimisation within a narrow time frame

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