Who is next? – Learning from everyday situations between doctor and patient

The surgery remains the most important touch point between patient and physician. But times have changed for all parties. Physicians see themselves confronted with leading their practice economically on one hand and with managing the informed patient on the other hand.

Therefore, we researchers have to take a closer look at the specifics surrounding this crucial interaction:

  • In how far is the success of the therapy depending on a successful interaction between patient and doctor?
  • What does it take for the doctor to address the patients’ needs quickly and adequately accurate and sensitive?
  • What expectations do patients have towards their GP and towards their specialist, depending on indication?
  • Are there misunderstandings with certain products, and what exactly are these misconceptions?
  • How can you optimise the doctor-patient relationship in order to be beneficial for every party involved with the health care system

Keeping in line with our holistic approach, Adelphi sets up simulated surgeries to take a closer look at the doctor-patient consultation.

If you like to know more about this approach, please get in touch.

Springboard™ - Do we really need qualitative online research?

Quantitative research done online with medical target groups or patients has become an established methodology within our tool box. But is this the same for qualitative methods?

Qualitative research methods, be it focus groups or in-depth interviews, require significant time and financial resources. Sometimes, both these factors are limited. In other cases, the target group is spread around the country and you therefore cannot use focus groups at all and in-depth interviewing would require extensive travelling and therefore additional time and money.

But what if the nature of the problem requires a qualitative approach? For situations like these, Adelphi developed Springboard™, its tool for conducting minigroups and IDIs online:

  • Visuals, concepts and other stimuli can be used online
  • The guide is uploaded to the system and can be used by the moderator depending on the course of the interview
  • During the whole interview, project managers or clients can initiate questions to be asked
  • You can combine qualitative and quantitative elements
  • Technical requirements are kept to a minimum not to pose a barrier

We value Springboard™ as a tool which can close the gap between perfect research conditions on one hand and its complete abandonment on the other hand

On the trail of the informed patient

The importance of the end customer in healthcare marketing is growing. This makes it vital for strategic and tactical marketing planning that information on the informed patient is available to expand what we know about the professional medical target groups.

With Pathfinder™ Adelphi Germany GmbH healthcare market research offers its customers an approach that brings to light the patient's journey within the healthcare system and enables the right marketing tools to be applied, especially when launching new products or new indications.

Pathfinder™ is based on a holistic and multi-dimensional approach, embracing the various perspectives of e.g. doctors and patients. Mapping the entire patient journey uncovers the reasons behind patients' decisions and identifies possible drivers and barriers.

  • Which information sources does a patient use before visiting the doctor?
  • Which specialists are included in the treatment decision?
  • Why have patients been diagnosed but not appropriately treated and what are the reasons for this?
  • What are the touchpoints for the patient and how can they be developed?

It also enables the communication structure between treatment decision-makers and patients to be analyzed and different expectations, needs and possible misunderstandings to be identified.

Mystery Research in the healthcare market – Mystery Workshop

The use of mystery research tools is still very much in its infancy in the healthcare sector, although finding out what the decision-makers in pharmacies, health food shops or drugstores actually recommend to the end customer is of prime importance for marketing and training.

How good is the actual quality of the information and advice given? How can we analyse the conundrum "customer" in greater depth?

Adelphi Germany shows how in certain situations the actual behaviour of the customer can be examined using indirect research methods and special tools to deliver insights on recommendation behaviour, advice situations and how up-to-date the knowledge of partners in the healthcare sector (pharmacies, etc.) actually is.

Adelphi Germany is holding a workshop for all those interested to present the tools used in mystery research and then discuss their suitability for application in the healthcare sector.

Join us in a bespoke half-day workshop and get to know about mystery research in the healthcare sector.

Our workshop provides you with an overview of our approaches to mystery shopping, mystery calling or mystery store tests taking your own questions as a basis. You will also learn more about the possible combinations and the tool's limitations.

Adelphi Germany welcomes new support

Stefanie Förster is the new Head of Project Management at Adelphi Germany. Stefanie Foerster has gained more than five years experience during various postings with market research institutes at home and abroad. Now she can put her specific knowledge in pharmaceutical market research with the focus on management and analysis of complex studies to perfect use at Adelphi. Stefanie Foerster keeps in close contact with the members of the Adelphi Group of Companies and is available with support and advice specifically as a part of cross-country projects or localising international studies for the German market.

New tool for holistic measurement of sales force efficiency

The pharmaceutical industry sees the sales force as a key pillar in informing physicians and pharmacists on drugs and treatments reliably, target-orientedly and efficiently. This makes discussions on optimising this tool an on-going task. With ConneXion™, an approach for the holistic measurement of sales force efficiency, the German market is now able to comprehensively diagnose the efficiency of this communication channel.

New synergies through cross-linking analysis and recommendations for implementation

Presenting the results of market research studies focuses all too often on the study details. Concrete conclusions and practical recommendations for action are given too rarely and too hesitantly. Adelphi Germany intends in future to break down this barrier between analysis and implementation. Strategic use can be made of the experience gathered by their parent companies Adelphi Group of Companiesand face to face GmbH in the medical communication and pharmaceutical marketing sectors after finalising a market research project. In future, on request of the client, the results of the objective analysis can be expanded afterwards with recommendations that have been proven in practice.

Who is next?

Learning from the everyday situations between the doctor and his patient… weiter

Do we really need qualitative online research?

Quantitative research done online with medical target groups or patients has become an established methodology within our tool box. But is this the same for qualitative methods? …weiter