Pathfinder™ – patient journeys through the system

The influence of patients on the professional providers of healthcare services is growing. Empowered patients collect information, take an active role and influence decisions on treatment. But just how do patients behave in the healthcare system, which touch points do they use, what are their expectations and how rationally or emotionally do they deal with their disease and its treatment?

Pathfinder™ broadens the view over the entire patient history, starting from the moment they consult their doctor, ask a pharmacist for advice or go into hospital. This overall view is made possible by a multi-dimensional approach, integrating various perspectives (physicians, pharmacists, patients and key opinion leaders).

  • Quantify the patient journey. A snap reading is not enough to understand the progress of a patient and his journey.
  • Understand why, how, when and by whom something happens. Uncover the motives, the drivers and the various interfaces that underlie the behaviour of patients, therapists and decision-makers in the system.


We deliver actionable, tactical and strategic recommendations by finding out the key starting points and opportunities with which you can influence the form and direction of a patient journey to gain an advantage in the market.

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