What makes us special?

A fresh angle and an approach with a frequently unusual way of looking at things. This is how we generate that definitive added value for our clients. Viewing a problem from various perspectives - meaningfully integrated and interpreted - delivers an enhanced view over the whole. Naturally we closely target the needs and concerns of our clients, but actively propose unusual routes to achieve a better outcome.

The cornerstone for the creativity we demonstrate in selecting and building up our research approaches is, however, our fundamental "craftsman skills and capabilities". Keeping deadlines, working on a fitting solution, collecting high-quality data and carefully processing them serve as the basis for all further analyses.

We help our clients to answer their tactical and strategic questions and deliver decisive input for the development or further development of their products.

Adelphi Germany provides you with full service and support throughout all project phases, from briefing through to presenting the results. Our choice of method is geared to the problem or concern and not the other way round. Our individual and perfect-fit research methods integrate classic as well as innovative techniques. Our approaches, correctly selected, customised and holistically merged provide a realistic picture of the situation. We see our set of proven products and solutions as the perfect launch pad for planning and implementing either your individual questions module for module or holistically with your overall research requirements.

Who is next?

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Do we really need qualitative online research?

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